Saturday Night Special

February 2, 2008

Dscf0007_2 Dscf0006_2 For some of us, it was one of the better snows so far this winter.  And I see some more neighborhoods can no longer claim "it didn’t snow this winter".  I took a drive to North Portland on business today and found plenty of snow there, and I know some fell in Gresham too.  I ended up with 9" at my home, the most in 4 years.  But just 400′ lower in elevation and 2 miles west, just an inch or so.  This is definitely the winter for that.  Notice the big pile of snow…hope that impresses everyone.  I’ve done more shoveling this winter than any in my adult life.  I used to think a snowy climate would be fun, but a week or so in the winter is plenty.  I don’t have any deep thoughts to add about tonight’s weather.  Maybe a few degrees cooler than current temps by midnight, then we seem to dry out quickly by daybreak.  A bunch of clearing by then may give us very icy conditions.  Those of you at/above 1,000′ will probably hold on to your snow through tomorrow.  Warmer weather systems next week, but not warm enough to give us big flood trouble…for now…Mark Nelsen