Snow Totals Saturday

If you get snow on Saturday, 1/2" or more, please put the pertinent info into the comments below:

ELEVATION (if you know it)

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71 Responses to Snow Totals Saturday

  1. Robert in Vancouver says:

    0″ (again, sigh), 300′, Hazel Dell. Snowed most of the day, but temps 34 and over, so none stuck.

  2. Ended up with a total of 6″ @ 750′ elevation.

  3. Tanya says:

    I am over by the middle school. Friends up in the hills above Scappoose had about 6″+ of snow as of 6pm tonight.

  4. David says:

    Yacolt Mt rd Yacolt WA
    currently mod snow total for today 12 in + on top of leftover from a couple days ago 24 plus inches piles of snow from plowing 5 ft plus.

  5. Rich says:

    Yes, best snow in a few years. A buddy of mine came up from the valley and couldn’t beleive the snow! Is it supposed to freeze tonight?

  6. Tyler in NW Vancouver (Hazel Dell) says:

    1″, Longview

  7. Steve says:

    Salem, Nada

  8. Kyle ( Stevenson, Wa 300ft ) says:

    8″ since around midnight. At first the flakes were like 2 inches big so it piled up fast at first. It really hasn’t stopped snowing here, the local sheriff’s dept. says its now suppose to snow all night and into tomorrow and that is according to the NWS.
    we’ll see.

  9. MaryAnne says:

    This morning the Hillsdale Library in SW Portland (elevation 540 ft) had slightly over an inch.

  10. Cougs in Camas (on Prune Hill) says:

    Rich, we are 1 block west of Dorothy Fox. Great snow today, eh?!

  11. Carl says:

    North Clark County near Farger Lake. 5.5″ new since midnight 7.5″ total. 750′ elevation

  12. Rich says:

    Hey Coug in Camas, where are you on the Hill? I’m one block N. of Dorthy Fox.

  13. Cougs in Camas (on Prune Hill) says:

    Almost 4″ here now.
    Prune Hill-Camas
    750 feet

  14. Ben in Forest Grove @ 200 feet says:

    It has stopped here. Ended up with 2 inches.

  15. J.R. (clackamas 220ft) says:

    SNOW TOTAL – .5 inches
    LOCATION – happy valley
    ELEVATION – 600ft
    SNOW TOTAL – 0 mix at best LOL
    LOCATION – Clackamas
    ELEVATION – 220ft

  16. Mark Nelsen says:

    8.5″ E. Corbett 1,050′ Most in 4 years.

  17. timmy - scappoose says:

    2 1/2”
    Tanya where in scappoose are you?

  18. Heather - Upper Hills of Gresham says:

    32 degrees here in upper hills of Gresham. 3.5 inches of snow and still snowing heavily. Was in downtown Gresham a half hour ago and there is roughly 2 inches there – a surprise! Beautiful! This is cool – and haha – my parents live in Sandy and they have no snow ? ? ?

  19. Rich says:

    Camas,Prune Hill, 700′ elev.
    Huge flakes now and snowing hard!
    3″ now….

  20. Tanya says:

    2 1/2″ in Scappoose @ 40ft. 36deg and still snowing non-stop since the am.

  21. EA_TTD says:

    Downtown Gresham 300′. 1.5″

  22. Cougs in Camas (on Prune Hill) says:

    3″ here around 750 feet in Camas (Prune Hill), still snowing hard.

  23. paul says:

    Farger Lake area has 6 inches as of 1:30pm saturday

  24. Jamie says:

    saturdal 1:30pm 6 inches Lacenter washington

  25. Paul(orPbo9) says:

    1/2″ North Portland
    1″ at a friends house in St.John

  26. Prune Hill Watch says:

    Prune Hill Camas, 670 feet 2 and 3/4 inches light to moderate snow still falling.

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