Snow Tonight?

January 28, 2008

Photo2 Snapshot
Feeling left out by the weekend snowfall?  They probably don’t feel the same way out in the middle of the Gorge!  Mike Engel took this picture today, showing the 27" of snowfall that pretty much buried his car…very impressive don’t you think?  You can click on the picture to see a larger version.

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I just had to say something…I seriously doubt we’ll see sticking snow in the lowlands tonight (at least in the metro area). 

I see the NWS has a snow advisory for 2-4"?  Hmm..way too much south wind, no easterly flow through the Gorge and generally just a bit too warm…just barely.  But tonight is the time to be in the Coast Range, Gorge, or above 1,000′, that’s for sure.  More details later when I have time…

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Sorry, I just had to do that…it seemed so official…I should correct that statement about the 2-4" though.  The NWS has it in their statements pretty clearly that there won’t be 2-4" at the lowest elevations tonight.

Solid rain/snow from the approaching cold front now filling in the radar screen nicely.  Based on the KPTV Tower temp (30.5 at the top), I’d estimate the sticking snow level to be around 1,000′ right now.  That’s once precipitation actually begins falling nicely.  I think it’ll briefly dip slightly lower than that, but not much.  Too much mixing with a southerly wind up the Valley.  It’s very interesting that the "warming" we get ahead of this cold front doesn’t even push the freezing level above 2,000′ or so overnight.  So those of you in the 1,000-2,000′ elevation spots (and the central Gorge), have a nice little snowstorm for tonight.

We get post-frontal showers tomorrow, our model here says a few thunderstorms possible too.  This time of year that’s most likely only at the Coast.  Then 2 more systems come through, just a bit warmer by the way, on Wednesday evening and again Saturday.  Still, no snow levels much above 2,000′ through the end of the week.  This is going to end up being a heck of a snow year for the Cascades!

By the way, for Unscripted tonight at 10:52pm, we’ll ask viewers if they have questions.  It should be entertaining don’t you think?  I don’t plan to look like an idiot, but if so, we just won’t do it again.  It never hurts to try something once.

I think we’ll leave it there.  I was surprised at the variance in snow totals this morning.  I see Council Crest had 2", Steve Pierce in Vancouver had half-dollar sized snowflakes at 2am, and inner east Portland got nothing.  Frustrating indeed…

Mark Nelsen