Another Dance With Snow

January 7, 2008

SnapshotSnapshot2A bit of excitement tonight with the rain/snow mix.  Seems like we’ve done this a bunch this year;  Pacific weather system moves in over a cold atmosphere, giving us a brief "snow episode" for a few hours, then the warming southwest flow kicks in and it’s all over.  Just a tease again for the lowest elevations.
Quite a dramatic change in the next 4 hours is shown by all models.  By 4am the snow level over the Western Valleys should be around 4,000!  Strong southwest onshore flow kicks in after 2am, pushing our lowland temps into the lower 40’s by daybreak.
Another similar system Wednesday PM and Thursday will be slightly warmer.
Long range maps continue to show some sort of ridging the 2nd half of the weekend and early next week.  I doubt this will be a long-lived event since several times in December we saw maps forecast a big ridge and then it quickly went away.

There is still not sign of a big arctic blast.  For those of you hoping for a "good old fashioned" cold wave with highs in the 20’s and maybe some snow?  You’ve got about 5 weeks to go.  By the 2nd week of February it’s tough to keep high temperatures in the 20’s as the sun angle climbs.  Of course reality says there’s no reason we couldn’t have the coldest weather in 20 years coming the last week of January…who knows?  That’s what makes weather so interesting to me…Mark Nelsen