8pm Wind Update

January 4, 2008

Looks like things are winding down this evening.  I stayed out of the comment "flak fire" today and just acted like a regular person doing normal things (took down Christmas lights with the amazingly warm Columbia Gorge temps…50 degrees and sunny!). 

I, just like many others were hoping (some forecasting) a big storm, it just didn’t happen.  Remember that models never showed a major windstorm setup in the Western Valleys.  I said 40-50 mph gusts on my 10pm show and blog last night. 

Drew nailed it even better this morning in a comment on two posts back: "…my wind speed forecast of widespread 70-80 mph coastal gusts and 40-50 mph inland gusts already accounts for that scenario. There may be a couple of inland places where the wind briefly exceeds 50 mph, but I believe those places will be exceptions rather than the norm." 

Does that not perfectly describe what we saw this afternoon?

All the official airport locations stayed below 50 mph inland, except for that pesky 55 mph at McMinnville.  And as we should always expect with convective showers and strong upper-level wind, a few home weather stations made it to the 55 mph range.  It’s really easy for stronger gusts to dip down with the heavier showers.  Amazing that a 960mb low passed quite close to us yet we could barely get gusts to 50 mph here in the metro area!  Someday we’ll get a real storm, just be patient my young grasshoppers…Mark Nelsen