Where’s the Snow?

Snapshot2Polarbear_2Hopefully this is a fair assessment of my forecast from last night.  It’s the same graphic on the previous post with my notes on top.  My boss said "where’s the snow?" as soon as I showed up at work today.  It sure was a nice snowstorm up closer to 1,000′, but too bad things didn’t at least turn white down below.  But it’s time to move on, considering that only 2-3 degrees separated us from a little Portland snowstorm today!

Not much to talk about tonight and tomorrow…a weaker system moves into Southern Oregon tomorrow.  Then a much stronger area of low pressure tracks to our north late Saturday and early Sunday.  We should get quite a gusty south wind Saturday night and all day Sunday.  That’s why even though a 1,000′ or lower snow level is quite possible, I’m not too wound up about it.  A showery airmass with strong onshore flow means it’s going to be tough to get the snow level real low.

Lots of high pressure builds in to our east Monday-Wednesday…A big east wind event is coming.  Rob get the gradient watch dusted off!

As for the Polar Bear picture.  Next Tuesday, New Year’s Day, at 11am, several weather people in town will be taking the "polar bear plunge" into their pool up at the Oregon Zoo.  I would ASSUME that they clean out the hair and poop first, but maybe that’s asking too much.  Anyway, it’s a fundraiser for the zoo and it sounded like a fun/wacky thing to do.  Of course when you look at me don’t you think "fun & wacky"? 

I think Dave Salesky and Bruce Sussman (assuming he isn’t on his deathbed), will be joining me as well.  The pitch?  If you want to pony up a $500 donation, you can join me too, but only an additional 7 people are allowed in the pool.  So who’s first in line?  Any takers?  Go to the Polar Bear Plunge website for more details and to sign up.  Shauna suggested I have a big chunk of ice to toss around the pool like the bears do.  Of course she didn’t offer to join did she???  Mark Nelsen

321 Responses to Where’s the Snow?

  1. Brian- Tigard says:

    Okay- I have to chime in on the snow tire debate. I run snow tires on my vehicle and recently purchased some for my Parent’s vehicle as well. However, I opted to go with the Blizzak studless snow tire- and I can honestly say they are 10 times better than any other snow tire I have ever had. I dare say they are better than chains-especially on ice. I had one time a few years ago during the big New Year’s day storm where I was passing SUV’s like they were standing still with these tires on my car. I highly recommend them, and they don’t tear up the roads

  2. By the way – does anyone see anything interesting wind-wise for Northern California on the 4th?

  3. David says:

    Come to think of it it is cool when the city shuts down and I allways get a kick out of the reporters getting pelted with z rain in troutdale any one up for if we get a storm to get posters that say mark and kptv12 rock and go stand behind the other stations live shots with them…I want one that says al gore invented global warming and perhaps another thats says ban studeed tires or salt the road allready….la la la cant wait for the fab5 to let loose the predictions…

  4. Dave in Close-In NE says:

    Thanks for the candid comments regarding my rant. I did simply mean that if you have to keep your studs on all season, you should pay a price to help with road repairs. My little honda hates those ruts…dangit. 🙂
    I equate using studded tires to someone buying a gas guzzler and having to pay a gas guzzling tax. I’m from Eastern Oregon (La Grande) and studded tires are not the preferred method of traction…rather chains are and only when needed. Most folk out there know how to drive in packed snow conditions around town without traction devices. Have to have them on the highway of course (meacham, cabbage hill, etc.
    I agree with the others. I’ve lived here my whole life and Portlanders (and implants) simply don’t know how to drive in 1+ inches of snow because we simply don’t get it often enough to learn. And it won’t matter what they put on the roads to make it easier. I hate the gravel. chipped windshields and sometimes bad control when you hit a patch of it. I love seeing the city shut down for a spell. The City is beutiful when covered in white….who would want to drive in it anyway. 🙂
    I did not intent to defend anyone, rather simply make MY point or chime in if you will. The drama on this blog sometimes….whew!!

  5. T.A. (Woodland 750') says:

    Want to talk cold? I was up in Edmonton, AB in +25 mph winds with a temperature of -35 F. Don’t know what that makes the the windchill factor but it was truly a religious experience!

  6. Rob aka Gradient Keeper -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    Yeah isn’t that the best? Good times right there….

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