Heavy Snow Warning

This is just like the good old days!  NWS has a Heavy Snow Warning saying 3-6" will fall in the city.  Media will go nuts…hmm.  This should be fun…and someone, either me or the NWS, is probably going to get burned forecast-wise by tomorrow afternoon. 

Now remember I said FUN.  That’s why we all watch and/or forecast the weather.  Some healthy competition is good!  So don’t argue about it too much in the comments, just discuss below.

I’ll post my thoughts on tomorrow’s "snowstorm" this evening, AFTER the evening news shows.

Mark Nelsen

339 Responses to Heavy Snow Warning

  1. andy (in eugene) (now in portland says:

    what was the bad news? that sounded like what has been said all evening? hmmmm

  2. stevied (North Portland.... formerly Steve D) says:

    PDX-DLS gradient at +2.1 now.

  3. snodaze says:

    is that it?…
    You said bad news…
    W.T.H… Were you thinking 6-12″ at some point today?

  4. Tyler in NW Vancouver (Hazel Dell) says:

    Snowing in Tillamook…I bet that is pretty!
    35.8 here. Up from 34.9 earlier.

  5. Jethro in Molalla says:

    Tonight’s NWS forecast discussion hasn’t really changed at all… http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/forecasts/display_special_product_versions.php?sid=pqr&pil=afd

  6. wendy-silverlake,wa - 800ish ft. says:

    Come on Jacob. It’s good carma to always be a little early.

  7. S.D. (North Portland) says:

    PDX up a degree to 36 now, Hillsboro up to 30

  8. snodaze says:

    It’s freakin 9 already.
    Go ahead & tell, just don’t break my snowballs…

  9. Everyone – To The Weather Chat!!! *Trumpet Fanfare*

  10. jacob BPA says:

    play First then Read
    Ok Fab 5 is Meeting Now
    Fab 5 Forecast
    Alot of Temps right now are Colder then Previous nights, So First thing to Be Mentioned is The chance of Icy Roads
    Have Reports of Side Streets already Iced over Please use Cautio if you must travel tonight it may be wet Then poof into a tree.
    Expect Some Clouds to move in After Midnight kinda like the in laws For the Holidays
    Temps tonight 28-31 for lows Some areas already at those marks.
    Snow May be mixed at the onset but will quickly Change to Snow.
    Salem Snow turning to Rain by Noon 1-2″
    PDX 2-4″ Areas outside PDX 4-6″
    Vancouver 3-5″ in Downtown
    N Clark county 4-6″
    Temps will Be Steady Throughout the Day Snow should Taper off and Turn to Rain By 7pm
    Day Time Temps 32-34
    Please stay Turn For a update At Midnight
    This has Been A Fab 5 Alert
    Def Con 2

  11. Max-Fairview says:

    The pesky south wind have stopped and beginning to drop here. Also Astoria is now down to 34 temp, 32 DP.

  12. wendy-silverlake,wa - 900ish ft. says:

    29.8 here. Was dropping very quickly earlier now its really slowed down.

  13. Heatblizzard silverton Or near the gardens says:

    Hey Andrew can I have your Email so we can talk Silverton when everyone else talks about Portland? Like if I notice a 10 minute hail-shower sticking or something weird like that? Your the only one I know of in Silverton That is into the weather enough to post sometimes.

  14. J.R. says:


  15. Sarah in West Linn says:

    Rob, thank you for that Nexrad link.

  16. Brian- Tigard says:

    Ok so call me crazy- which some of you may- no offense taken. However, after looking at the latest MM5 I do now see the colder air sticking around a bit longer. If you were here earlier today, you may have seen my comments about this being a questionable event (previous post) My gut feeling on this is slushy roads in the 300-500′ level; packed snow in the 800-1000′ level while the freeways stay wet with the exception of Hwy 26 over Sylvan. 2-4″ slushy accumulation 500′; 4-6″ above 1000′ along with towns near coast range & the gorge itself. My workout at the gym helped clear my mind of all this weather clutter or so I hope

  17. TV Weather Producer says:

    Fab 5 Forecast forth coming. Jacob drew the right to write it up !

  18. 33.9 here in SE Gresham and dropping slowly!

  19. pedro-tigard says:

    My temp has been stuck at 33.0 for the last hour. Come on, only another degree to freezing.

  20. J.R. says:

    34.1 here in clackamas and my temp sensor is under the patio thing which gets warm air from the house so its probably colder out there… its the only spot to put it 😦

  21. andy (in eugene) (now in portland) says:

    34 and falling here in gladstone

  22. Troutdale,OregonI(at about 230') says:

    The tempature is down to 35 degrees here,starting to cool down faster..

  23. Mback (Troutdale) says:

    Not sure which gradient you are talking about Derek, but TTD-DLS was +2.3 at last hour and PDX-DLS was 2.5. Maybe you could shed a little light on this for me.

  24. Heatblizzard silverton Or near the gardens says:

    This is a public blog and the public has a right in a way to know what your thoughts are you could be saving somebody from an accident because they will read this and not drive to work or to Bullwinkles fun-center or to the sports game or anything. I am serious by the way.
    Plus you should get your guys alerted to be on the lookout for downed lines escpecally the foothills in case of too much snow/ice from rain freezing over the hills could be a different story even if we are 33. Humph. Thank you for reading this. I like your forcasts too. Now back to observation time. It’s 34 here and mostly clear about to pop up to 35 it looks like.

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