Cold Night

SnapshotQuite a cold night out there.  I was very happy when I woke up at 8:30am to bright sunshine.  Finally, the models nailed the clearing skies.  Now it’s obvious they handled the drier air moving in as well.
I’ve lost my weather mojo for just one evening…for some reason I can’t get excited about anything on the maps.  I’m sure it’ll be better tomorrow.
A weak little system tomorrow gives us a cold day after a cold night.  I don’t see any model giving us precipitation, so I left it out of the forecast.
Pretty quiet Monday…then another weak system Tuesday…more tomorrow…Mark Nelsen

320 Responses to Cold Night

  1. Big_D says:

    Cloudy with sprinkles
    It will never snow again
    Relocate northward

  2. model riding cold
    teases us beyond belief
    Actic air perhaps?

  3. Dr. Rob -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    As of 10:00 PM
    [Southerly surface gradients]
    OLM = Olympia. EUG = Eugene
    OLM-EUG -0.6mb – Light southerly flow
    PDX-EUG +0.1mb – Flat to very light northerly flow
    [Gorge surface gradients]
    PDX = Portland. TTD = Troutdale. DLS = The Dalles.
    PDX-DLS +2.1mb – Light onshore flow.
    TTD-DLS +1.8mb – Light onshore flow.

  4. Ryan (Walnut Grove/Van Mall) says:

    Just a very light mist here in N/C Vancouver. I’ve been between 35.2 and 35.6 most the night as well.

  5. Dr. Rob -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    You can really see the N-NNE flow evolving even better with these loops.
    Very evident now. This appears to push south through Washington overnight.

  6. jacob BPA says:

    small tiny flakes
    The Cars have a light dusting

  7. Mark, is that a hint of envy creeping in??

  8. Zach - Corvallis says:

    Anyone still seeing light snow, looks like maybe sherwood/tualatin could be seeing something right now.

  9. Ryan (Walnut Grove/Van Mall) says:

    Hey… Metrostar finally came back to life and updated to the 18Z.

  10. Mark Nelsen says:

    Wx Producer: Don’t you people ever stop?

  11. well, i made the mistake at looking at that idiot site…dont do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  12. TV Weather Producer (Bar Hoping) says:

    Good evening. I’m out with some friends sampling the local fare at a few bars. What a great Blazers game tonight. 0Z hinting at something interesting. Lets just model ride for a day or two.

  13. sara_se portland says:

    heat: all the bay area stations (KRON, KPIX, KGO, KTVU) are the ones i grew up with.

  14. Dr. Rob -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    [IR loop]
    Watch the flow closely off Vancouver Island.
    Notice how the clouds were pushing SE? Then a strong N-NNE flow moves off the British Columbia coast blocking and forcing those clouds back to the W-SW. Hmmmm

  15. jacob BPA says:

    is that your Web site For Huskies
    Just kidding

  16. Dr. Rob -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    As of 9:00 PM
    [Southerly surface gradients]
    OLM = Olympia. EUG = Eugene
    OLM-EUG -1.2mb – Light southerly flow
    PDX-EUG -0.2mb – Very light southerly flow
    [Gorge surface gradients]
    PDX = Portland. TTD = Troutdale. DLS = The Dalles.
    PDX-DLS +1.7mb – Light onshore flow.
    TTD-DLS +1.5mb – Light onshore flow.
    Definitely don’t like see the southerly flow increasing no matter how lightly. I do like seeing the onshore flow weakening however.

  17. Tornado Aly (Vancouver) says:

    Hopefully there will be enough precip to make it through the drier air. Would love to see the “gorge effect special” in December!

  18. Dr. Rob -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    Yeah an Arctic front would be great 🙂

  19. Mat, The Salmon Killer says:

    Hopefully we can stay clear at night and get cloudy for the daytime sowe can cap heating as much as possible. As long as theres no strong onshore push or southerlies, it can help.
    Scratch that, hopefully we can just get an arctic front in here soon.

  20. Dr. Rob -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    I am an amateur, but my guess is once the low in south-central British Columbia ejects out of the area overnight higher pressure rebuilds pretty quickly. Then tomorrow that shifts southward into the Columbia Basin. We have to remember the ground in these areas are snow covered so the cooling process can happen very rapidly with clearing skies. I can foresee a similar situation for late Tuesday night as we had today, but there is a difference this time around. We will have an E wind for 18-30 hours blowing which will transport even colder air through the Gorge deepening the cold layer over the PDX/Vancouver metro areas. Also that will pull in drier air for an additional evaporative cooling effect IF there is sufficient moisture. The system looks perhaps a touch stronger/more moisture than today’s system. I think sticking snow is likely until the southerly flow develops strong enough to scour out the colder air at lower levels.

  21. Tornado Aly (Vancouver) says:

    I noticed that too, Rob. Does that mean if the ridge is unable to break through, or doesn’t come in as strong, then we could see temps stay lower? That’s my guess anyway.

  22. Dr. Rob -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    [IR loop enhanced]
    Appears to be some good clearing up north moving southward towards us. Another thing to note is look near central Vancouver Island. See the flow pushing S-SW offshore? Hmmmm interesting.

  23. Dr. Rob -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    How I knew? hmmm crystal ball. Lol
    Nah really I honestly just looked at IR loop/WV loop, placement/position of high pressure/jet position/surface observations in British Columbia to get a handle on how cold the Arctic air was building and how deep it was if it was achieving much success spreading out west of the Canadian Rockies, surface pressure gradients from BLI-OLM to gauge how strong the northerly flow was developing in the north interior of Washington, also checked to see how well the Fraser River outflow was developing from Bellingham to Hope, British Columbia. Then I checked north-central Washington along the Canadian border throughout southern British Columbia to get an idea how far south the cold air was filtering into our area. I did look at a few models from time to time and what I noticed at least from what I can tell is the models didn’t do the best job handling the depth of the cold air up north and how well it would settle over us. I didn’t use a single model run however to come to any conclusions with my thoughts/forecast.
    Good call about the jet stream. This Winter that’s going to be very key is how/where exactly is the jet aligned north of us. Keep giving us info on this.

  24. Andrew Johnson (Silverton,Or/Bartlesville,Ok) says:

    I live in NE Oklahoma I get significant ice accumulations….blahhh…I’m jealous of your flurries! lol

  25. Heatblizzard silverton Or near the gardens says:

    sara. They talk about the jet stream on tv stations at other places in Cali? hmmmmmm. Where at?

  26. Mback (In Gresham) says:

    Rob, nice call on the snow today. I remember you talking about it earlier this week, but had no clue how you knew. Chalk up another one to you. Now we wait and see what is in the cards for tomorrow and Tuesday. Hopefully the E wind kicks in like you predicted for tomorrow. Also, I noticed some moisture is showing up on the radar again. It will be interesting to see what comes of it.

  27. Jacob gloats with snow
    Oregon plays second fiddle
    blow cold eastern wind

  28. Cherie_in_Vernonia says:

    off topic…
    Sooooo cool pic of sunspot @ sunset.. would never believe you could get a pic as gorgeous as this!!

  29. Marc ( NE Orchards, WA) says:

    Snowed pretty much all day here. Some of the heavier showers brought sticking snow for awhile. Definetly not anything the meteorologists predicted thats for sure.

  30. gratefulduck (weather blog lurker) says:

    Thanks Boydo

  31. jacob BPA says:

    how about
    You live in Oregon
    We live in Washington
    We get sticking snow
    and u Dont

  32. Dr. Rob -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    As of 8:00 PM
    [Southerly surface gradients]
    OLM = Olympia. EUG = Eugene
    OLM-EUG -0.7mb – Light southerly flow
    PDX-EUG +0.3mb – Very light northerly flow
    [Gorge surface gradients]
    PDX = Portland. TTD = Troutdale. DLS = The Dalles.
    PDX-DLS +2.5mb – Moderately light onshore flow.
    TTD-DLS +2.2mb – Moderately light onshore flow

  33. sds/N. Clark Co. says:

    Snowed here off and on all day–was all white this AM, then melted and is snowing and all white on roofs and grass–32 degrees,but nothing like Camas Moms inch or more!

  34. B1900 Pilot -- Bethany, NW Portland (400') says:

    Nice Haiku Poem. How about…
    Cold east wind
    High Pressure Dominates
    Snow won’t you stick?

  35. white ground around Camas
    fickle skies produce little here
    where is the justice

  36. Camas Mom says:

    We have 32.1 now, DP 29.8, snowing and the ground and trees are all white. I’d guess 1/2 to 1 inch of snow on the ground. Probably closer to an inch because the grass is completely covered.

  37. Andrew Johnson (Silverton,Or/Bartlesville,Ok) says:

    Talked to my friend who lives near Dayton,Oregon. He said it snowed for about an hour today, didn’t stick though.

  38. Doppler Dave (NE PDX) says:

    Light snow has started up again here in NE PDX. Current temp is 35 degrees.

  39. Dr. Rob -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    As of 7:00 PM
    [Southerly surface gradients]
    OLM = Olympia. EUG = Eugene
    OLM-EUG -0.9mb – Light southerly flow
    PDX-EUG +0.4mb – Light northerly flow
    [Gorge surface gradients]
    PDX = Portland. TTD = Troutdale. DLS = The Dalles.
    PDX-DLS +2.7mb – Moderately light onshore flow.
    TTD-DLS +2.3mb – Moderately light onshore flow

  40. sara_se portland says:

    heat, i was thinking about your jet stream and how much they do emphasize it in CA. i didn’t even realize this until you mentioned it. sometimes it is nice to think about home. both of my brothers went to chico state.
    how nice to see those flurries this afternoon. quite beautiful!

  41. Heatblizzard silverton Or near the gardens says:

    I called this cooler air too when I looked at the jet stream and showed Dr Rob the link. I think the only thing is going to help our temps stay steady is the jet-stream will still be aimed at us barley a bulge east but if the southernly flow kicks in stronger then by by 30s we will crank up to 40ish. Knowing our bad luck in recent years it’s either too warm to snow or cold and too dry. I think the clock is ticking for our dry storm season. Its either going to blast us all at once for a long time this winter or we will have a drought and everyone will scratch their heads and wonder what happened to the “famous La Nina of 07”.
    Seriously We havent had much exciting weather since last January’s surprise snow up where you are. Just a mini heatwave in april and none until July which only lasted a couple of days then summer shuted off and we were cloudy alot without much rain Then the Sept heatwave came barley a heatwave then the October’s mini wind event which barley made it to 40mph then novembers 48mph event around the first week but no real dulugers of water usually from what i’ve read La Nina’s five us Noah’s ark type rain exageration but you weather bloggers know what I mean. Now My fingers are sore so good-by.

  42. Boydo3 says:

    Be careful in assuming that the temp as measured at a specific location is related to the free air freezing level. Many times the air flow at a particular surface won’t equate to the “free air temp.” For example, Govt Camp can have an easterly flow keeping it very cold. But go straight up above the surface a thousand feet and it may actually be warmer.
    Soundings that measure temperatures at various elevations disregard the effects of surface winds. That’s why earlier today we had three or four freezing levels starting out at around 7700′.
    This link gives the soundings above Salem. Twice a day. Currently 931.00 mb = 797.64 m = 2616.91 ft (but it remains pretty cold below that elev.)

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