More of the Same

SnapshotThe image to the left tells the story.  We are locked into a Rockies Ridge-Offshore Trough pattern   Long range (7-10 day) maps show no significant change.  Upper level heights lower slightly over the weekend, then rebound early next week.  The scorching hot July continues to our east.  I mentioned in the 11pm show that Missoula has recorded their hottest temp (107) and warmest low temperature (71) of all time this month.  On the other hand…Juneau has had over 6" of rain this month due to constant southwesterly flow around the trough.  That’s double the normal total and they’ve had rain just about every day this month.  I couldn’t handle a rainy/snowy winter and then a rainy summer on top of that.  I won’t be moving there anytime soon!  Another reason to enjoy the warm/dry weather here…Mark

20 Responses to More of the Same

  1. Cherie_in_Vernonia says:

    Thanks all…:0) and we DO have an espresso shop LOL (right near the swimmin’ hole LOL)

  2. Andrew---Ellensburg, Wa and Portrland, Or says:

    haha, i have to admit i have some hick in me myself. Going to school in a small town helps enhance it haha (Ellensburg, Wa).

  3. Mark Nelsen says:

    Um…I live in Corbett and was raised in small towns. So I’m at least 1/2 hick, if not more right? Don’t you be darn near messin’ wit my frends!

  4. timmy - scappoose says:

    cherie that was a playful joke, i have relatives in vernonia, they are loggers though… 🙂

  5. Ryan (Da Couve) says:

    I agree with you Lurvy. It seems like that (or a) Low has been sitting in the gulf all summer long. It reminds me of the mega-lows that kept forming in Alaska during the winter. Maybe a sign of things to come?

  6. heatblizzard says:

    There is nutin out there not even a town no weather blog there lol. Man I can’t believe this nice weather we are having we made it to 81 today its 73 now
    I hope summer is like this all the way through with some upper 80s if we have to have a heat wave.
    I hope marks weather graphics say slightly hot when we do have those.

  7. Cherie_in_Vernonia says:

    Not rednecks…just nice resourceful folks thank you!

  8. luvrydog says:

    Is it just me or does that low in the gulf of alaska seem like it’s been there for like 9 months…with occasional movement…

  9. N3EG says:

    What a dud. High of 74 today in Longview, nowhere near the 85 I kept hearing about.

  10. timmy - scappoose says:

    I though the people in Scappoose were rednecks 😮

  11. cherie in Vernonia says:

    in Vernonia we dam up the creek to make the town swimmin’ hole. 12′ or so deep & ice cold! It comes down the day after school starts :0)

  12. carb_free_bread says:

    Man I want another heat wave! Bring on the heat. We have enough cool rainy weather all year long here so I want my 90’s and 100’s back without having to go somewhere far away.
    Anyone know of any nice swimming holes on any cool river near portland and surrounding areas?

  13. offroadjosh(offically lives in montana tmrw) says:

    kalispell got hot yesterday. we are offically moving there tmrw we leave at 430am.(its a 10 hr drive at 75 or sio one way but we have a u haul with a 16 foot trailer and a dodge cummins with a 24 ft boat behind dodge it loaded in the truck bed and the boat trailer loaded to max, plus an explorer with a 16 foot trailer, and my cummins with a 40 foot jeep trailer so it will be a slow trip up the passes

  14. Stephen says:

    Guam is in the Western Pacific to the east of the Philippines and southeast of Japan…it’s the largest island in the Mariana archipelago. I lived there for nearly 8 years back in the 1990s…quite a nice place once you get used to the humidity. Got to experience several super typhoons (Cat 5 hurricanes) there as well as it is located right smack in the middle of “Typhoon Alley”.

  15. heatblizzard says:

    Where is Guam? I want to look it up on google maps.

  16. ChuckyD81 says:

    May I ask why it is you’re moving to Guam?
    Military…business…personal preference…etc?

  17. heatblizzardfrom silverton or says:

    Its 58 here which means it was colder around sunrise also its cloudy hope it’s not going to be H-U-M-I-D today.
    intresting weather for misssoula
    One of our friends is going to juenau this august I hope it gets nice and sunny for them they don’t deserve that crap juenau is getting.

  18. Anthony Bertolo says:

    Andrew, you are correct, SST’s in both the Atlantic and Pacific have been lower than forecast, which is leaning toward a slight La Nina possible in fall/winter.
    This is my last winter here state-side before I move to Guam, and I want it to be a good one!
    As for the sun, keep in coming. 10 months of clouds and two months of sun is no fun, lets at least make it 8 and 4!

  19. Andrew---Ellensburg, Wa and Portrland, Or says:

    Thanks for the update mark. I am not too familiar with the signs of a La Nina or El Nino, but would double the normal rain in Alaska maybe be a sign of an emerging La Nina? Don’t blast me for this cause i have no idea, just wondering/learning.

  20. Jesse-Orchards says:

    Thanks Mark! Hope the hot weather stays at bay for awhile.

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