More of the Same

July 25, 2007

SnapshotThe image to the left tells the story.  We are locked into a Rockies Ridge-Offshore Trough pattern   Long range (7-10 day) maps show no significant change.  Upper level heights lower slightly over the weekend, then rebound early next week.  The scorching hot July continues to our east.  I mentioned in the 11pm show that Missoula has recorded their hottest temp (107) and warmest low temperature (71) of all time this month.  On the other hand…Juneau has had over 6" of rain this month due to constant southwesterly flow around the trough.  That’s double the normal total and they’ve had rain just about every day this month.  I couldn’t handle a rainy/snowy winter and then a rainy summer on top of that.  I won’t be moving there anytime soon!  Another reason to enjoy the warm/dry weather here…Mark