Much Improved Weather

July 24, 2007

SnapshotAn editorial comment in the title of course.  I try to avoid that on-air.  Comments such as "a nice sunny day" during a drought aren’t very well received by viewers generally.  But I think most of us went outside this morning and noticed the cool/dry air.  It felt quite refreshing after a sweaty week around here.
I find it quite ironic tonight that after all the excitement (forecast) and hubbub about the "wet July weather", we’ll probably end up below average for the month!  In fact it’ll be our 7th consecutive dry month too.
This is assuming that our current and forecast pattern remains the same.  Long range models are in sharp agreement on the offshore trough-inland ridge pattern continuing.  It’s not all that much different from last week’s pattern, except that the low is a bit farther offshore this week.
A slightly closer trough over the weekend gives us stronger onshore flow.  But no threat for rain.  Enjoy the "boring" weather, and discuss it amongst yourselves…Mark