Here Comes the Rain

July 16, 2007

Snapshot_2It looks like today was the end of our 2 week stretch of warm and dry weather.  Lots of moisture approaching from the southwest and a sustained period of southerly flow the next 3 days sure looks wet to me.  Precipitable water looks pretty high at least the next 2 days, up to 1.40"…that’s juicy even for summer.  Looking at model output only, thunderstorms don’t seem all that likely.  However it’s hard to believe that with this much moisture overhead and very little onshore flow through Wednesday, that we won’t be able to get at least "spring variety" storms in the southerly flow.  More onshore flow kicks in Thursday behind the first upper-level trough as it moves off to the north.  But now the new 00z GFS (and old 12z ECMWF) shows another trough dropping in right behind it this weekend.  Hmmm, very unlikely for the last 1/2 of July to have a cool/cloudy/wet period for more than just a few days, but we’ll see.  My newly ripening raspberries better not turn to mush or I’ll be really irritated…Mark