Weekend is Here!

July 13, 2007

PhotoNow THAT is a great viewer picture.  Apparently it’s all about being in the right place at the right time.  Don Best took this picture around 9:00pm last night as a thunderstorm suddenly popped up east of Seaside to his north.  He was on Rockaway Beach.  Don also knew my Grandpa Joe Kaiser who ran a gas station at Barview Jetty for many years.  Just a little family history there…
As for weather, much quieter out there with the only storms just now exiting Oregon over Hell’s Canyon.  There were no cloud to ground strikes today over or west of the Cascades in either Washington or Oregon (after 10am).  Looks like the chance for thunder overnight is quite small.  A strong shortwave is getting organized offshore along with a weak cold front.  It will move inland tomorrow evening.  This should push quite a bit of marine air inland Sunday.  There is a slight chance of a sprinkle making it inland either Saturday evening or Sunday morning, but the latest 00z models say that we’ll probably stay dry.
Next week is a tough forecast…this is the time of the year meteorologists should be able to just sail through one sunny forecast after another.  Apparently that won’t be the case.   An upper-level low sits just offshore and sends waves up over us.  Each model is different with the details.  This CAN be a summer thunderstorm pattern.
One thing that sticks out this evening is the big picture.  If I look back through the last 2 days of maps…I notice that they keep backing off on rainfall and the approach of the trough in general.  Models may be having a problem with attempting to shove a cool trough inland over the very hot West.  It’s extremely rare for that to happen in the last half of July, although we did have a cool trough come in the last day or so of July last year.  Enjoy the weekend!…Mark