Mt. Hood and Weather Update

July 12, 2007

HooderuptionI put together a little "What If Mt. Hood Erupts" piece for the newscast tonight at 10:00.  Here is a link if you would like to check out HOURS worth of reading on the subject (Mt. Hood Volcano) .  If you have any interest in volcanoes, you’ll find it fascinating.
Now, on to the weather…
A bunch of frustrated weather freaks out there this evening…including me of course.  Nice thunderstorms fired up earlier along the Cascade Crest, but they completely died out as they moved straight north towards the Columbia River.  We’ve seen several buildups in the metro area this evening, but as of 9:00pm, no lightning strikes.  It appears that with a shortwave passing by from south to north along the Coast this evening, we have transitioned to almost straight southerly or slight southeasterly flow.  That will be with us through tomorrow.  A nice setup for storms if you have enough moisture.  But with no obvious trigger just to our south, I think any storms will be isolated overnight.  Of course it would only take 2 or 3 right beside each other to pass over the metro area and we would have a "lightning storm" overhead…it doesn’t take much for us flash-starved Northwesterners does it?  Either way it’s going to be a somewhat random placement of storms if we do get any.  Hope for the best!
Storms look unlikely to me after midday tomorrow.  Much more likely over and east of the Cascades.
Not much change with trough offshore through the beginning of next week.  Although a weak system brushes us Saturday night and Sunday morning…that should give us a strong marine push then and push temperatures down into the 70’s for the first time in 2 weeks as well.
Big trough approaches later next week, but each model is handling it differently.  I can deal with that tomorrow.  For now I have a volcano to finish up with.
I do check the blog comments frequently on nights like this, so now that it’s dark, let me know if you see any cloud-cloud flashes which of course can’t be detected otherwise…NEVER MIND…NOW THERE’S LIGHTNING ALL OVER THE PLACE SUDDENLY! Mark