Hot Weather Coming

July 6, 2007

I forgot to post last night (realized on the way home), and I have a day off today.  But after looking at maps again I figure I should point out that it sure is looking hot next week.  Nice "negative tilt" ridging up into the Northwest early in the week is followed by increasing south-southeast flow as an upper level low sends moisture up our way.  This CAN be a perfect setup for thunderstorms in Portland, or possibly a humid hot spell too with weak onshore/offshore flow for a few days.  Looks like summer fun next week.  Maybe 100 degrees if everything works out right.  I notice the 00z Extended MM5-GFS has a 104-108 surface temp right over Portland Tuesday and Wednesday.  Last time I saw that was during our July heat wave last summer.  Hmm…east wind on those two days could do it, but just like a cold spell in winter, everything has to work out just right.

I’m off to a wedding in La Grande this morning, I see the low last night was in the mid 70s there!  Tough to do at 2,700′ elevation isn’t it?  I’ll post again on Monday…Mark