4th of July Update

July 4, 2007

PhotoApparently YESTERDAY was the day to go near water if you wanted solitude!  Gene Blick sent this picture of a "boatless" Lost Lake up near Mt. Hood.  It was taken yesterday.  So I’m assuming lots of people are taking this upcoming weekend off.
I’m back now until the beginning of August (minus this Friday).  In the 9 days I was off, things have sure changed.  The average, somewhat gloomy June has given way to our midsummer weather pattern.  It’s here to stay as well, that’s the screaming message on weather maps this afternoon.  A strong ridge of high pressure is covering the Western USA today, bringing record or near record heat to all inland areas.  I notice Las Vegas and Phoenix are both 116 at 3pm.  Here in Oregon most areas are right around 100 degrees below the 3,000′ elevation.  And even Timberline Lodge was in the upper 70’s today!  It appears that we’ll be right around the 90 degree mark for a high here in Portland today.  The ridge reaches it’s maximum westward location tonight and early tomorrow, then weakens and moves to the east over the Rockies Friday-Sunday.  That allows marine air to move inland beginning tomorrow evening.  I don’t see any reason to cool Portland’s temps for tomorrow since we’ll probably start out warmer, but then get a good northwest wind around 5pm or so.  Record is 94 and I doubt we’ll hit it.
All models are in general agreement on the ridge re-developing in almost the same position, maybe slightly farther west, sometime after Sunday.  So a warmup again.  Of course ahead of this last episode, models forecast the ridge to be right over us, producing an east wind, which could have put us closer to 100 degrees today.  So I am keeping a close eye on that and going conservative on temps again, just like the other FOX12 weather people did this past weekend.  BUT, we should still make it at least to 90 or so the middle of next week.  For you poor folks in Eastern Oregon, it’s only a small cooldown and then back to more blistering heat next week.
Summer has settled in a bit early again this year!