Cool Clouds & Missed Forecast

June 21, 2007

PhotoSeveral of you were discussing the bright clouds seen the other night over an hour AFTER sunset and one viewer emailed me asking what they were.  So I checked out the pictures too.  The one on the left was taken by Kellen Harrel here in Portland about the time I was on the air Tuesday night (10:35pm or so).  Head here to check out more pictures of the Noctilucent Clouds And here is a link from NASA that explains their Mission to Study Noctilucent Clouds
A bit strange considering the sightings of these clouds are increasing.  Hmmm, call Mulder and Scully.
Now, on to the weather…a missed forecast this morning, but no one complains when the weather is much better than expected.  On my drive home at midnight low clouds were solid from Downtown Portland all the way out to the Gorge.  Then at 4:30am when the annoying dog was barking and wanting out, I had drizzle and a light shower at my home out there.  So I wake up to sunshine and another warm day…how did that happen?!  Most likely a wave in the southwesterly flow passing overhead broke up the marine layer around sunrise.  A dying trough or front is moving through Northwest Oregon right now, but behind it there is no solid deck of marine clouds, so I think we’ll see broken skies again tomorrow.  Just a bit cloudier and a bit cooler.
No changes in the long range forecast…a cold trough and then brief ridging next week before another chilly trough moves towards us midweek.  This next one may be more interesting since the low seems to give us southerly flow ahead of it…a bit more of a thunderstorm pattern across the entire region…Time for the 11pm show…got to go…Mark