Marine Push

June 20, 2007

SnapshotA very brief post tonight because I need to catch up on some emails.
Major marine push this evening.  I noticed the North Bend to Portland pressure gradient maxed out at 8 millibars.  Now it’s back to the marine-air-dominated weather pattern.  Lots of gray and some showers/sprinkles at times.
The only major change to the forecast today and this evening was in the long range outlook.  The 18z and now the 00z GFS have completely destroyed any idea of decent ridging for 80+ temps next week.  In fact the new 00z GFS now has a deep trough nearby all of next week.  Apparently June will end cool and cloudy.  There will be some improvement Monday and Tuesday as we had this week, but then it’s downhill after that.  Enjoy the first day of summer…but remember that summer west of the Cascades doesn’t REALLY begin until AFTER the 4th of July.  Now discuss amongst yourselves..Mark