Briefly Warmer

SnapshotWell, apparently we will not see an early start to warm and dry summer weather this year as we did last summer.  You may remember, as shown on the left, that we went warm and dry after mid-June, and serious Fall rain didn’t arrive until right after Halloween.  It was a long & dry summer.  BUT, that was an anomaly.  This June is looking pretty darn average.  In fact the PDX temperature is running just about average for the month so far and rainfall is actually slightly BELOW normal.  We’ve just had lots of dribbles of rain, making it seem wetter.
Well, a brief break for Tuesday and Wednesday as a transient ridge of upper-level high pressure moves overhead.  That weakens the onshore flow quite a bit AND gives us much warmer air up above as well.  With strong June sunshine, temperatures rebound nicely.  Then what appears to be a very persistent upper-level trough offshore pushes closer and closer Thursday-Saturday.  That first sends in a push of marine air and clouds Thursday, possibly with showers.  Then cooler air and a better chance for showers arrives Saturday and Sunday.  So it’s back to the cloudier and cooler weather after Thursday.
Long range maps (GFS & ECMWF) show much stronger ridging beginning Monday and into next week, but they are already backing off on that, so no need to raise temps in the 7 Day much…for now.  So, I have covered my "warm weather" veggies with heat-holding plastic tunnels and applied slug bait all over the garden too.  Mark

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  1. Tyler in Vancouver says:

    A halo is somewhat common, but a circumzenithal arc is much more rare. It still takes the same properties of a lower sun angle and high cirrus clouds. The ice crystals have to align just right to produce the arc. This is only the 2nd one I have ever seen.

  2. Jordan-Kelso says:

    I had something kinda like that happen here yesterday around 8 pm. There was jsut high cloud to my west but they created a rainbow in them. Can you explain to me what that is?

  3. Tyler in Vancouver says:

    A very pretty circumzenithal arc was visible not long ago here in Vancouver. My mom actually called me to ask what it was. I snapped a few shots, which turned out okay. Now there is a very nice looking but much mnore common sundog.
    I have seen a circumzenithal arc in years!

  4. Andrew---Ellensburg, Wa and Portrland, Or says:

    88 degrees right now in ellensburg, wa

  5. offroadjosh says:

    oops mind* not mined lol, sorry just woke up

  6. offroadjosh says:

    thanks mark. oh ya rob and mom, guess what i am 5th. beat that! anyway on to weather. i changed my mined on that Davis weather station. I bought basically the same thing for less money(not much less). i bought a Honeywell, and a mounting system, the radiation shield and rain gauge mount comes when i get a job in Montana next month(were moving in case you didn’t know). so ya i hope i am going to be happy with my choice.
    here is what i bought:
    Weather station (I bought the cheaper cause i liked it better!!! I didn’t want another weather alarm in my room LOL)
    Mounting system

  7. Jesse-Orchards says:

    Wow, already down to 45 degrees at my house in Orchards. Still dropping at a decent pace too. I may touch the upper 30s by morning at this rate. If so it will be the latest occurence of 30s since I started recording the weather 7 years ago. Too bad PDX is in an urbanized area that used to be rural so it’s impossible to beat summer record lows from way back. The record low for this morning is 45 set in 1955. PDX is 53 right now. Might get close, but probably won’t make it.

  8. Gregg-Troutdale says:

    Thanks for the update Mark!! Does that mean we have 6 more weeks of Spring,,,,lol.

  9. AtmosphericWrath -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    Ugh! Darn you Camas Momma! Lol Just kidding of course.

  10. AtmosphericWrath -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    Thank you for the update Mark. 1st !

  11. Camas Mom says:

    WOW! I’m first!

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