Cool Weekend and Garden Railroads

June 15, 2007

Junk2I normally don’t promote events on my weathercast unless they are directly related to the station.  But this was too interesting to pass up.  If you’re looking for something very different to do tomorrow, June 16th, check this out:  Railroads in the Garden Summer Tour .  The Rose City Garden Railway Society allows to you come and visit 9 different model railroad layouts that are OUTSIDE in people’s gardens and yards.  I didn’t even know this hobby existed until someone from east Multnomah County emailed me.  Neat stuff, especially if you have kids.  All the details for visiting are at the link above.
Now, on to weather…it looks slightly wet this weekend, even though skies sure did clear out nicely this evening.  We have another trough approaching from the west this evening and it helps to deepen the "big trough" developing over southern British Columbia the next 24 hours.  Models continue to keep just about all rain north of the Columbia River and west of the Cascades the next 2 days, but I find that hard to believe considering the last 24 hours worth of forecast disaster.  Of course I refer to the rain that arrived overnight with almost no warning.  I’m glad it wasn’t 28 degrees…
850mb. temps aren’t quite as cold for this weekend on latest models, staying above 2-3 deg. C.  That keeps snow at timberline or above in the Cascades with any showers that develop.  I still feel Sunday morning gives us the best chance for showers out of this episode.
There is some good news in the long range maps (beyond Monday).  At least now we’re back to about average agreement in models instead of the mess we saw yesterday.  Looks like the general pattern for the next 7-10 days stays "troughy" over the Northwest and just offshore, but for 3 days or so, starting Monday afternoon, the ridge to the east over the Rockes backs up slightly farther to the west, giving us a warmup during that time.  By late next week the big trough offshore once again gets close enough to give us a much thicker marine layer.  Eventually showers should arrive as well…next weekend?  Enjoy the clouds and cool weather this weekend, you may be hoping for it as some point this summer during a heat wave!  Mark