Wild Weather Day

June 5, 2007

SnapshotSomehow this graphic never actually showed up on the air in my first weather segment tonight.  It shows a thunderstorm over Damascus/S. Gresham this morning.  Looks like some sort of downburst/microburst may have come out of this storm.  We also received what looks like funnel cloud video from NW Portland around 2pm this afternoon.  Pretty good considering models were forecasting Lifted Index around +5 or so.  Only in the Northwest…
The cold upper trough moves out to the east tomorrow afternoon, which should stabilize the atmosphere slightly and keep us from getting thunderstorms again.  Although once again with such strong June heating and cold air above, we might get a surprise storm in the eastern suburbs/Cascade foothills.
Weak ridging moves overhead Thursday through early Saturday, then another strong trough moves towards us and eventually inland by the end of the weekend.  So the Saturday-Tuesday period will be cool/shower again.  Due to the outlook, I plan to apply slug bait the the entire garden tomorrow…Mark