More Warm Weather

May 30, 2007

SnapshotIt would have been nice to break the record today after sweating out in the garden this morning, but at least we did restart the 90 degree counter for this season…it was Day #1.   A minor marine push  has occurred over the last few hours which means a cooler day tomorrow.  The upper-level ridge isn’t budging much through the weekend, so no big cooling trend for now.  These "northwesterly" pushes often don’t get much cloud cover into the interior in the mornings, so still mostly sunny skies the next 3 days.  We stay mild Friday, but then Saturday an approaching strong trough allows the ridge to strengthen ahead of it.  That pulls the warm air back to the west, so we should be back in the 85-90 degree range then.  One change in the 00z models is a slowing of the progression of the trough inland.  It probably won’t move in until Monday, so Sunday should still be quite warm.  With straight southerly upper-level flow both Saturday and Sunday, we’ll have to be on the watch for possible storms over or even west of the Cascades.  Then a strong marine push and weak front drop temps about 20 degrees for Monday.  So enjoy 4 more days of summer, then it’s back to May-like weather next week…Mark