Somewhat Wet Weekend

SnapshotA tough weekend forecast tonight…again.  Looks like the main cold pool stays off to the northwest of us tomorrow.  If so, once the steady rain this evening moves out of the area we should be mainly dry until Sunday.  But scattered, cold showers return on Sunday.  850mb. temps drop to around zero Sunday, which is pretty chilly this time of year.  As a result we’ll stay in the 50’s most, if not all, of the day Sunday.
00z runs of GFS and Canadian confirm flatter ridging for next week.  Still mainly, or all, dry from Monday through Friday, but not too warm…maybe only into the 70’s.  I have camping reservations next Friday and Saturday night, so it had better not turn cold and rainy in the Cascades…or I’m coming home…In the very near term, nice line of thunderstorms moving through southcentral Washington at 10:50pm.  Lots of lightning strikes just north of Hermiston and Umatilla…Mark

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  1. offroadjosh says:

    come on!! chat!!

  2. offroadjosh-aloha says:

    chat anyone???????????????????????????????????????????

  3. offroadjosh-aloha says:

    yeah. guess you didn’t go to school. i almost didn’t today, felt really sick my stomach was turning. then after auto class i felt better(i guess oil and diesel smoke helped me)

  4. Derek-West Gresham says:

    Oh yeah, they were going to take my blood right after that…but obviously that didnt happen. The only time I ever gave blood I was dizzy..but I did not black out.

  5. Derek-West Gresham says:

    I think I had some sort of reaction to the shot. It was like 20 seconds after I had got it. I felt fine but within ten seconds of that I was dizzy and felt sick and then suddenly I just didnt know what was going on. I think I thought I was at school or something but I was just really traumatized that I couldnt seem to figure out what was going on. When I woke up at first I couldnt understand where I was but I could see lots of faces above me. Its the weirdest feeling to have no idea about anything whatsoever. Eventually though my brain caught on to what was going on. My mom said I was out for about a minute and I fell flat on my face. They had a hard time getting my arm out from under me because I was struggeling so it almost appeared like a seizure even though it wasnt. Well my head is still a bit foggy but Im doing alright. Guess there isnt a better place to do it than a doctors office right. 😉

  6. offroadjosh-aloha says:

    nice derek. i passed out giving blood.(i was already dizzy it was like 95 outside) i was sitting in class, kinda sleeping and something woke me up, i went to stretch and i passed out, fell over in the desk. teacher thought i had died. i woke up with 30 students and 4 teachers over me

  7. luvrydog says:

    Derek, lol. Not to laugh at you but I slipped and fell off a 3 foot porch yesterday in the rain, landed 230 lbs right on my head and shoulder, now considering I’m 6’1…I pretty much fell 7-8 feet overall. I feel like I was hit by a truck today! Not to mention I feel like an idiot…people should not downslope thier front porch and paint it over!

  8. Derek-West Gresham says:

    Looks like lots of flat ridging will dominate the next two weeks. Hopefully not a sign of things to come, although it would be better than last summer. 🙂

  9. Derek-West Gresham says:

    After I got my shots today I passed out and fell on my It hurts..besides that it was raining for a while. 🙂

  10. Cherie_in_Vernonia says:

    This is for Tyler…
    Get a product called Second Skin in the pharmacy dept. It is a “gel pack” bandaid that is the greatest for blisters!
    Cherie (who raised 5 blister prone young ‘ens)

  11. Andrew---Ellensburg, Wa and Portrland, Or says:

    I wonder if i got a mix last night at my house. I just took a short little drive up the hill to my north and at about 400 feet above my houses elevation i ran into snow on the ground, about 1/4 inch

  12. Andrew---Ellensburg, Wa and Portrland, Or says:

    Snow level came down low this morning, judging by the white hills to my north, i would say maybe as low as 2600-3000 feet. Winds are really starting to get strong here with winds this afternoon expected to be in the 50-60mph range. Windchills are currently in the low 30’s. Crazy spring weather.

  13. Jesse says:

    Looks like all the mountain passes have picked up a couple inches of fresh snow this late May morning.
    It is amazing how much the weather can change in just a couple days in spring. I backpacked Hells Canyon last week out on the Oregon Idaho border and highs were in the 80s to 90 degrees with lows in the 40s and 50s. It was only in the 40s out there yesterday with lows this morning in the 20s and fresh snow on the 5,500ft pass into Hells Canyon I crossed on the trek.
    That Table Mountain trail is pretty tough Tyler, quite a steep climb. I’m planning to backpack the Pacific Crest Trail from Indian Heaven to the Bridge of the Gods late next month, so I will probably try to summit Table Mountain on the last day.

  14. Tyler in Vancouver says:

    I may go hiking Tuesday as well, but not sure where. I still have to tend to my blisters though from Table Mountain. Over 17 miles, but I don’t remember it being quite so strenuous last time I did it.

  15. garron near washington square says:

    THANKS, Camas mom and Tyler…
    I am going hiking Tuesday, will give all the report and hopefully pics from atop Larch Mtn. Wedenday AM. HAGN all!!!

  16. Andrew---Ellensburg, Wa and Portrland, Or says:

    Going to be darn windy here tomorrow. Got a little taste of it tonight with some gusts as high as about 50mph.
    Monday: Mostly cloudy, with a high near 59. Windy, with a northwest wind 23 to 26 mph increasing to between 34 and 37 mph.
    Monday Night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 41. Windy, with a north northwest wind 34 to 37 mph decreasing to between 6 and 9 mph. Winds could gust as high as 50 mph.

  17. Antipex (SE Gresham) says:

    I went outside to take photos of the beautiful clouds at sunset…and got this:
    Came back in and it turns out we had a nice little storm going on to our east!

  18. AtmosphericWrath -Southeast Portland- says:

    See ya Clinton and thanks for the info/updates.

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