Warmest So Far…

May 15, 2007

Hmmm…I should have stayed with that 85 degree forecast that we had here at KPTV for today all through the weekend.  Amazing what happens when the switch from dry/warm east wind and cooler/moist is delayed a few hours.  Looks like most of the Willamette Valley didn’t hit 80 degrees today.   Here in the Portland metro area where east wind continued until 1-2 pm, temperatures shot into the mid 80s.  Models were slow on the transition (but only by 3-5 hours).  We did not hit a record though since last year on this date we hit 93 degrees with a hot east wind!
A major marine push is in progress this evening, evidenced by wind and pressure gradients.  The gradient from North Bend to Portland is 8.9 millibars at 4pm, one of the higher "SW Push" gradients I’ve seen in the warm season.  Southwest wind gusting 20-30 mph has entered the west side of the valley at 4pm and should quickly swamp the whole region west of the Cascades by 8pm.  It’ll be a very quick cooldown tonight.  I bet it”ll be close to 50 degrees most areas west of the Cascades by 10pm.  Windsurfers can plan on a "dawn patrol" in the morning as 30-35 mph winds blow through the Gorge later tonight and all day tomorrow.
It’s back to weak onshore flow later tomorrow through Friday.  That means the morning cloud/pm sun routine is back.  I do notice that the marine layer is deepest tomorrow and then thins quite a bit Thursday and Friday, so temps will bounce back slightly.
10:45pm:  Okay, I’m back.  Long range maps have backed off slightly on the weekend trough.  Doesn’t look like the end of the world and probably no chance for thunder either so I’ll take that out tomorrow (if Drew doesn’t do so first at 3am).  Looks like June-like weather will return starting Monday with some sort of ridging next week.  Latest 00z GFS is not quite as sharp with ridging Tuesday and Wednesday.  Earlier runs implied we could hit 90 next week.  The big picture says our generally dry/mild/warm May will continue…Mark