Stormy Day Eastside

May 9, 2007

SnapshotLots of lightning and thunder east of the Cascades today with plenty of lifting in southwesterly flow over what’s left of yesterday’s cold front.  Should be a repeat again tomorrow but more likely the heavier storms will be in the northeast section of the state.
Westside we have another chilly night on tap with low dewpoints and clear skies.  There was a minimum of stratus/low clouds out at the Coast on the last visible satellite picture this evening.  That plus models showing little or no low level moisture in the morning tells me that we’ll start out sunny in the morning.  No significant onshore push Friday and Saturday either, so more sunshine.  Temps don’t get much above 70 degrees though.
Some of you have discussed the possibility of showers or thunderstorms Friday.  That’s due to an open wave moving north over the Northwest from offshore.  This is a good pattern for thunder westside in the warm season, but always tricky to forecast more than a day or two ahead.  Everything has to line up just right (south/southeast flow, moisture supply, low level warmth etc…).  Right now I’m not all that impressed, but that could change.  In general our mild/dry May weather pattern is going to continue the next 7 days…Mark