Marine Air Blasts In

May 8, 2007

LightningdensityVery nice…just as models advertised, a strong marine push in progress EARLY this afternoon.  Looks like McMinnville, Kelso, and Scappoose have already peaked temperature-wise with a strong southwest wind blowing now at MMV and West, NW at KLS and SPB.  Check out the 1-2pm radar loop over NW Oregon;  you can clearly see a surge of some sort coming down from the northwest into central Washington county and coming down from the north through Clark/Columbia counties.  We should see strong west-northwest wind spread across the rest of the metro area before 4pm.  PDX may still make it to 78 or 79, but that’ll be it.  Too bad since we started out very warm this morning…at noon we were running 10 degrees above yesterday!   I’m still watching for any development of showers/thunderstorms over and east of us as the marine air arrives.  Our 12z RPM still showed some sudden shower development on the east side of the metro area late this afternoon.  Other models show nothing.
Models are probably right on showing no massive influx of clouds tomorrow.  Visible imagery at this hour shows no solid marine layer offshore.  So still plenty of sun tomorrow, but it’ll be much cooler….Mark