More Hailstorms

May 3, 2007

Markhail4Around 1pm I was worried that we would see much weather action today…but we just needed to be a bit more patient.  The storms today have been real "pulse" type, which means they erupt quickly, drop some heavy rain/hail and then dissipate.  Very hard to news photographers to follow!  You can see one snapshot from our live radar here to the left.  Looks like Tigard probably had some hail around 4:30pm.  It is a bit strange that as of 5:30pm no lightning strikes (cloud to ground or ground to cloud) have been detected in Northwest Oregon.  Any thunder you heard today was between or within clouds. 
Now, this is a first for my career…a viewer has posted video of hail falling at her home in West Salem for all of us to see.  Looks quite large too.  Go here:  Abby’s Hail Video   Anytime you get good weather video or pictures, send it to us at:
Tomorrow should be much quieter with just some very shallow afternoon convection (showers).  Still chilly though with very little change in airmass temperature.
There is a problem with the weekend forecast.  Even though a very strong ridge builds overhead Saturday and Sunday, a warm front somehow slips through the ridge later Saturday and early Sunday morning.  Models (as of 12/18z today) still say some rain makes it as far south as Portland or Salem early Sunday, holding off clearing until late in the day Sunday.  The airmass is still quite warm, but I hate to see a mostly cloudy weekend with the only sunshine on Sunday afternoon.  Ridge holds over us Monday for temperatures approaching 80 degrees.
A noticeable change on long range maps is the lack of any deep or cold troughs coming through the Northwest next week.  That’s why I kept temperatures mild in the 7 Day forecast with very little chance of rain.  Temps will be determined by the strength of onshore flow…Mark