More Dry Days Ahead

April 19, 2007

SnapshotI’m trying to wrap things up this evening since I have a day off tomorrow, so a quick post.  Nice day today with lots of sunshine…same thing for tomorrow as we wait for Saturday’s wet system.  Very weak instability gave us a few sprinkles over the Cascades and Coast Range today, exactly as models had shown.  The tough part is that models again show weak convection tomorrow.  This time it supposedly drifts off the Coast Range and into the west side of the metro area in the early evening.  It’ll be
interesting to see if the models nail it again…
    Back to rain Saturday with leftover showers for Sunday.  Models definitely show higher heights now for next week.  Temperature-wise, we should see average to above-average temps next week with only one decent chance for rain…sometime later Tuesday…Mark