Stormy Wednesday

April 18, 2007

SnapshotJust a little something to the left to get you through the chilly April weather.  You may remember that last year we were beginning a month of June-like weather.  It culminated in 4 days of 80-90 degree weather in mid-May.  Much different today.  Cold showers developed once again.  Surprising that even though hail and brief heavy downpours were widespread, there were no lightning strikes west of the Cascades between Seattle and Medford.  Of course current detection only includes strikes from cloud to ground, so there may have been some flashes in the clouds.   The next system is headed into California, leaving us with very weak instability each afternoon.  Most likely we stay dry in the major population centers the next two days.  Another system moves inland later Saturday and Sunday.
Interesting changes MAY be in store for next week.  Most models have higher heights and more ridging of some sort or another starting Monday.  It may not be a sunny week, but it should more like late April…instead of late February like this week…Mark