Cold & Showery

SnapshotSunday was a nice break from the cold & showery weather, but you knew it couldn’t last long during this cool/wet April.  A nice cold front passed overhead this evening and appears to be in the eastern 1/3rd of the state.
Behind the front, cold and unstable air is just about to move onto the Coastline.  We haven’t had many of these "episodes" this Spring season.  Lifted Index, a measure of instability in the atmosphere, goes down to right around zero by tomorrow afternoon west of the Cascades.  That plus some CAPE up to about 200 or so should give us a good chance for strong convection.  Of course this time of year that means heavy showers with possible hail or thunder too.  This cold upper-level trough coming inland tomorrow and Wednesday will sit directly over us Thursday and Friday.  Models keep just about all moisture those two days down to our south.  That seems a bit hard to believe with chilly air sitting overhead, but I’ll go with it for now.
A new trough arrives in the Pacific Northwest Saturday.  I don’t see any dramatic changes early next week.  The 00z Canadian has a bit more ridging over us, but the 00z GFS stays cool, or at most average temperature-wise over us next week…Mark

54 Responses to Cold & Showery

  1. mattmann1972-Milwaukie says:

    Fun day to work outside today. Saw the clouds roll in one right after the other! Dumped good sized hail twice on us follow by some descent showers. Late about 3:45 or so we had a couple of good flashes follow by some great ripping thunder!!! Fun stuff!

  2. Camas Mom says:

    Looks I’m going to get hammered here any time. We’ll see!

  3. Camas Mom says:

    It was darn cold here today! Can someone put a space heater in the room and get it warmed up? Mark? Anybody?

  4. Weatherer says:

    There were some gorgeous rainbows this afternoon…just wish I had a camera!

  5. Jerry says:

    No hail, no lightning, no thunder. Just rain

  6. Gregg-Troutdale says:

    Not just that Jesse, but the gorge tends to split these quite a bit and I should of known better.

  7. Jesse says:

    Gregg, the shower is splitting around you because everyone in the blog has been secretly implanted with an anti-excting weather force field, which keeps anything meteorologically noteworthy or memorable from happening within a five mile radius, you should know that, lol.

  8. Jesse says:

    Well it wasn’t nearly as stormy as I thought it would be today, at least in my neighborhood. When that big batch of rain came through about an hour ago it only rained moderately here even though the radar showed orange and red over my area, not even any hail or a clap of thunder. Maybe tomorrow will offer more sunbreaks and better convection. I think the main problem today is that it was simply too cold down here for there to be a huge degree of difference between the surface airmass and the upper level airmass. I didn’t break 50 here all day.

  9. Gregg-Troutdale says:

    As I suspected, temp has dropped from 45 to 42 with approach of the shower, but also noticed the shower is splitting around my area.

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