Back on Track

April 10, 2007

SnapshotI missed a day yesterday…felt a bit uninspired with the weather pattern apparently.  But I’m back now.
The graphic to the left indicates snowpack on the ground compared to normal on this date.  It’s interesting to note after reading the Water Supply Outlook that reservoirs in the Northwest are right near where they should be this time of year…because the early Spring runoff due to warm weather in March filled them up early.  Unless we get significant snow in April, there won’t be a ton of additional runoff in many areas.

Very messy forecasting continues with systems splitting and not moving where we want them to.  Looks like tomorrow’s is moving farther north than initially expected.  Then 850mb temps are going to be cooler Thursday and Friday than expected, so I’ve had to put more rain in the forecast and cool down temps too.
The big picture over the next 7 to 10 days shows a constant parade of upper-level lows (cutoff or remaining as troughs) moving southeast from the Gulf of Alaska into the West Coast and then down into the Southern Rockies.  This is a good snow-producing pattern for the Cascades in the winter and it may be makeup time in the Cascades now for all that warm weather in March.  In my fantasy world this means a warm & sunny May.  I have no scientific reasoning for that but it sounds good…Mark