A Taste of Summer

April 4, 2007

SnapshotIt was interesting to go back and check Easter weather for the last 30 years or so.  I thought I remembered one where I could see snow very low on the Cascade foothills in the late morning.  At the time I lived near Mt. Angel and I clearly remember seeing snow to the east around Scotts Mills.  Apparently I wasn’t crazy.  It was early April 1980.  Heavy and steady precipitation fell at PDX during the morning hours, dropping the temperature down to 38 by 10am, then it jumped into the 40’s by early afternoon.  I’m pretty sure that was the day since 38 degrees at PDX and steady rain with onshore flow should put sticking snow down close to 1000′.  Anyone else remember that?
But lets focus on our warm weather moving in for a few days.  Looks very nice through Saturday now.  No changes in the thinking for tomorrow or Friday (see previous discussion).  GFS MOS (model output statistics) show only 71 the next 2 days at PDX.  The same MOS shows 76 tomorrow at TTD.  Even more interesting is the just-out 00z MM5 from the UW.  It shows around 72 tomorrow, 75 Friday, and 79 or 80 Saturday.  So I’m sticking with my 78 for Friday with good easterly flow through at least the first half of the day.  I bumped up Saturday due to the weak upper low moving in to our south.  That prolongs the ridging overhead and should keep the onshore (cooler) flow from kicking in until Saturday night…Mark