Wet Winter?

March 28, 2007

SnapshotSo after the landslide today, I wondered how wet our "very wet winter" really was.  So I checked the last 5 years of October-March rainfall.  Looks like only slightly above average.  The last two winters have definitely been a bit on the wet side.  As always with weather…it’ll be interesting to see if we continue the wet trend next winter.  Moving on to tomorrow’s weather…a warmup definitely in store.  MM5 shows a good 10-12 degrees of warming, which puts us at least into the mid 60’s.   A good easterly flow sets up all day tomorrow through the Gorge, up to 4 millibars, which is pretty strong for the last few days of March.  This will be a mild downslope/offshore wind, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 70 degree temperature here in the metro area by Thursday afternoon.  Much cooler airmass and trough moves inland this weekend, causing havoc in the 7 Day forecast.  Upper-level maps would seem to indicate a cold, showery weekend.  But surface progs don’t show much, if any, precip for Saturday.  So maybe just a chilly weekend with showers returning Sunday?  Anyone else care to take a guess?  By the way, I’ve left the live, streaming radar centered on the severe weather outbreak in progress across the Great Plains tonight.  It’ll stay there until 3am or so.  Fun to watch to the lightning strikes too…Mark