Chilly and Wet

March 26, 2007

SnapshotI haven’t paid all that close attention to the rafinfall totals this year (since the New Year).  We definitely calmed down rainfall-wise after early December didn’t we?  Hard to believe we’ve had 28" of rain at PDX since the wet season began.  But even tougher to believe that 28" of rain fell at Bonneville Dam in just ONE MONTH (November).  They have had about 6 feet of rain this wet season!  You didn’t see the graphic to the left at the beginning of the 10pm show because I pressed the button too fast.  It happens…
So it’s good to know that climatologically we are just about done with the steady rainfall.  Generally April and May are lighter rainfall months with rainy periods mixed in with increasingly warmer sunny periods.  Yes, yes, I know that some years we can have 2 weeks of straight rain in either month, but other years (last year) we can have a sustained warm/sunny period.  The 2nd half of April and 1st half of May were mild, dry, and mostly sunny last year.
Of course our 7 day forecast now takes us through the beginning of April, and it doesn’t look soaking wet, just wet at times.  Models are all over the place after Friday, so hopefully the sunny forecast will hold…Mark