Slow Friday Night

March 23, 2007

SnapshotThe rain showed up a bit earlier than expected tonight; that along with the cloud cover soon after the noon hour kept our highs below 60 degrees.  Oh well, the one thing I like about weather forecasting is that you start over each day…a brand new forecast.  So hopefully this weekend’s forecast will work out a bit better.  A classic orographic lifting rainfall pattern this evening.  Notice only a trace or so west side, but up to 1/3rd inch on the east side.  The westerly flow runs into the Cascade foothills and drops some of it’s moisture as it begins rising.  That’s why the Coast Range and west slopes of the Cascades are considered a temperature rain forest.  Another reason ferns grow ON the moss that grows ON the trees up there.
Most rainfall tomorrow should be with the cold front in the late afternoon and evening.  Most notable for people like me that want to get outside at some point is the quick cutoff of the rainfall behind the front.  Other than a possible "pop-up" shower Sunday afternoon, it should be dry from around midnight Saturday night to sometime Monday night or Tuesday…Mark