On the Line

March 21, 2007

Snapshot2SnapshotA tough forecast again for the next two days as the wet westerly jet stream sets up over Washington and southern British Columbia.  As you can see to the right, the forecasts for Seattle and Eugene are quite simple…either warm and dry or wet and cool.  From Longview down to Portland we are on the line though.  Both the 00z MM5 and our own RPM model continue to show the rainfall line staying just barely north of Portland Thursday and just about down to Portland later Friday.  Whew…it’s going to be close.
Easier forecasting Saturday and Sunday;  a cold front sweeps inland late Saturday with plenty of pre-frontal rain.  Then showers taper off during the day Sunday.  We may get a brief break Monday before more "troughiness"  arrives Tuesday-Thursday.  Oregon spring break is looking very wet.  Maybe at least you Washingtonians can get nice weather the following week for your spring break.