Rain Returns

March 19, 2007

SnapshotI hadn’t really paid too close attention to the rainfall this month until tonight.  Wow, we were having a relatively dry March so far…until this evening.  Looks like PDX picked up over .50".  I was fortunate to spend 4-5 days at home working in the yard during the mild dry days lately too, so that took care of the last of the winter blues for me.  Of course that’s good since officially the astronomical spring begins tomorrow evening.  A chilly airmass moves inland tomorrow, dropping snow down to 2000′ by evening in the foothills.  Normally, during late March, this pattern would produce heavy downpours, hail, and possible thunderstorms.  But all model info says the airmass will not be very unstable tomorrow.  Lifted Indexes are too high and CAPE values aren’t very impressive either.  I dried out the forecast for Wednesday-Friday due to weak ridging developing with warmer temps by Friday.  Unfortunately the 00z GFS has the Thursday system clipping us, so hopefully that will correct itself in future runs…Mark