Mid-March Weather Slowdown

Wow…only 9 comments in 24 hours!  Hard to believe that a cold spell or near-miss snowfall can bring in 800 posts in one day.  Must be slow weather and sure enough…it is!  Wavy looking front offshore looks pretty weak.  I sure didn’t expect the radar to be dry at 11pm.  00z models are insistent on pushing rainfall inland before daybreak so let’s plan on a wet morning drive.  Another system arrives midday Saturday and develops into a steady stream of rainfall aimed at Washington late Saturday through early Monday.  At some point the band of rain lifts north…possibly during the daytime Sunday. If so, our temps in the metro area would easily jump into the 60’s with a very warm airmass overhead.  Then the whole thing drops down through Oregon Monday and early Tuesday.
Long range models are now in a bit more agreement on some sort of warm ridging beginning Sunday.  Amplitude of the ridge will determine whether we get a sharp thermal trough and warm east winds (70 degrees or higher?) or just flat surface gradients for temps in the 60’s.  But that’s 7 days away, so LOTS could change before then…Mark

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  1. Ryan (Da Couve) says:

    I’m guessing your paper is using a literal translation of the weather models. They are typically far wetter then we ever actually get. I would guess 1 to 2 inches of rain over the weekend for most areas at the most. The costal mountains could get 3 or 4 inches as they are typically the wettest regions.

  2. I saw some really neat thunderstorms down in Australia – a few of which had lightning flashing in the clouds at least 3-5 times per SECOND!

  3. wendy-silverlake says:

    I have a question for anyone with some time to answer. Our local paper has a article in about this weekends weather. For our area they are saying 2 inches of rain on Saturday and 3-4 inches on Sunday. Just wondering if they don’t know what they are talking about(which is often) or if its true and the Portland stations aren’t talking about it because it doesn’t affect Portland. I know on the news last night Mark mentioned rain heading into Washington so Portand might stay drier, but if it is this big of a deal you’d think he would have mentioned it more. If anyone has any ideas that would be great.

  4. Sean (Lebanon, Indiana) says:

    I’ve seen my fair share of thunderstorms over in Oregon, some that even had severe thunderstorms warnings with them. But, after experiencing severe storms out here in the Midwest. The power that are associated with springtime storms, is pretty incredible.
    Here’s one of the storms that I caught on video last spring.. This storm was starting to bow out as it moved towards my location.

  5. TV Weather Producer says:

    Central Oregon thunderstorms are some of the most intense I’ve ever seen. The storms that form over the cascades and come down over the valley can be very strong too. I chased a storm last year that brought intense lightning and marble size hail. I chased another storm in mid June 2005 that had came off the Cascades over Molalla and doppler radar indicated some weak rotation with it. NWS issued a special weather statement on it. I was able to find a nice place under a church driveway with a clear view to the southeast and was able to watch the storm move over head and then chase it north. The storm dropped a funnel over Oregon City about 15 minutes after I drove thru there. I love thunderstorms.

  6. Jerry says:

    thanks for the update mark.

  7. Ryan (Da Couve) says:

    The two best thunderstorms I have ever experienced where in West Yellowstone and Atlanta. I hear Bend gets some fantastic thunderstorms. I may go down there one day that the lifted index and other factors are calling for decent thunderstorms.

  8. Mat says:

    Yes Mark, what boring weather.
    Just got in from Jamestown New York this mornig, now thats extreme weather. Highs mostly in the teens and as high of only 7 Monday while I was there. Low Sunday night hit -8 and windchills were in the low -20’s!!! Never felt that kind of cold in my life. Frostbite hit only after about 10 minutes. There was no real organized systems moving through, but it snowed everyday I was there for the last week due to the NW winds causing lake-effect snows. Weird compared to here. I loved it. Just the difference in climates was sweet. Even the roads at zero degrees didn’t get sticking snow. Strange what a difference a salt job can make. They don’t close schools for a foot of snow. People still drive fast when it snows hard there, like we do when it rains here. To shorten it up and not say everything I remember, which would take a long time, thats extreme when they’re suppose to hit 50 this weekend and will probably have worse t-storms than we ever will this spring and summer, and its normal for them. I’m jealous to say it lightly.
    Good-night, I’m beat after flying last night and then working all day til 8, then drinkin for 3 hours. Talk to y’all tomorrow.

  9. AtmosphericWrath -Southeast Portland- says:

    Thanks for the update Mark.

  10. kirk says:

    Warm and sunny sounds great!! Thanks Mark.

  11. Sandi (Wilsonville) says:

    Thank you Mark. I always appreciate your comments!

  12. Bring on the warm weather!

  13. Gregg-Troutdale says:

    Thanks for the update Mark, cant wait for the warmer weather.

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