March Weather

Spring is a season of changing weather, from warm to cold and back again.  And that’s how the long range maps look.  After a warm ridge Sunday-Tuesday, now we have a much cooler atmosphere overhead …the Passes are well frozen this evening.  Warmer southwesterly flow returns Friday-Monday with freezing levels climbing up to 9,000′.  Then a cold trough drops through the middle of next week.  Now the 00z GFS has jumped onto the Canadian bandwagon of strong ridging following that as we head into the St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  Maybe our first 70 degree weather?  We’ll see, but enjoy the changes.  For the next 7 days it still means quite a bit of rain…Mark

9 Responses to March Weather

  1. Christiana-Beaverton says:

    I’m going to Sunriver over the weekend and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about the weather and driving conditions.

  2. Give it time – it looks like we’ll have some 70’s later next week!

  3. Jerry says:

    This weather sucks…. I want sun now or snow, and snow looks unlikley bring on the sun!

  4. salemphil says:

    Hi all, as we get closer to the last week of march, spring break, let me know what you think it will be like weather wise on the coast. I am heading there to get a break after this term at school which has been insane!! lol. I have had .36 of rain down here since it started this week.

  5. Camas Mom says:

    Speaking of bugs and such, we had a ton of bumble bees out when it was sunny, and I have a few bugs squishies on the windshield. I’m not a bug person. Thank God for the Orkin man! 🙂

  6. Tyler in Vancouver says:

    As important as I know our snow pack is, it’s always nice for me to see it start to melt…I’m a hiker so I like to see the high country open up to easier hiking. A good snow pack also has an impact on how many bugs there will be and when they come out and just how fast and high creeks will be running.
    A little bit of rain now into our snow pack is good, help increase the water content.
    Anyway, 52 degrees here, cloudy skies, kind of boring/bland today.

  7. Sean (Lebanon, Indiana) says:

    I’d take a 70F day…

  8. Gregg-Troutdale says:

    Thanks Mark

  9. Derek-West Gresham says:

    sounds fun.

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