Warmest So Far…

March 5, 2007

Snapshot_30Even you winter-loving geeksters have to admit the sun and warm temps were nice today.  And models have been slowing down the movement of the approaching cold front, which leaves us tomorrow with:
1.  Mostly sunny skies
2.  Warm atmosphere overhead
3.  Light southerly flow ahead of the front.
That should push our temps up a few degrees with better mixing of the warm air above down here into the valleys.  So I’ve boosted the high for PDX up to 66 degrees.  The east wind through the Gorge should finally die down too.  That’s been a thorn in the PDX forecaster’s side the last few days.  Once the cold front moves through tomorrow night, we slip into a rainy and breezy-at-times pattern.  In fact no good chance for significant dry weather in the next 7+ days.
The latest measurable snow that’s been recorded at PDX is March 9th, so even if we get a chilly spell now we wouldn’t get snow in the city.  Of course, as many of you have pointed out before…it’s still very possible to get a brief morning snowfall down to 500′ or so.  On March 16th about 8 years ago I had a 4" snowfall overnight at the 800′ elevation at the west end of the Gorge.  On April 4th I even had 1/2" and there were 3" at 1,500′ or so.  But forget about cold spells, we’ve never had a high temperature lower than 37 degrees at PDX after this date…Mark