Friday Night Slowdown

March 2, 2007

Snapshot_32Don’t know if you heard about this, but today a name was chosen for the December 14th windstorm.  In the Seattle area at least it’ll be known as the Hannukah Eve storm.  The details about the contest are on the Seattle National Weather Service home page.  It’ll be interesting to see if the name sticks.  Remember the "Coho" wind?  Back in 1997 we had a similar contest to name the Gorge east wind and received something like 6000 names.  People hated the name in the end, especially those most affected by the wind on the east side of the metro area.  Apparently it will always be called the East wind or Gorge wind.  As for our weather?  Pretty slow this weekend with a building ridge overhead.  The last of the northwesterly flow is sending strongly orographic (mountain focused) rainfall into the NW part of Oregon.  That should end overnight  as the ridge continues building.   Expect a slow breakout tomorrow with plenty of moisture lingering and surface high pressure directly overhead.
A bit of a change to Sunday’s forecast possible as models are persistent in pushing a weak system north and into the Northwest Sunday afternoon.  Even our brand new 03z RPM (just out at 10:45pm) shows precipitation suddenly developing over Northwest Oregon between 2-5pm Sunday.  This is very similar to a warm season thunderstorm pattern where a disturbance moves north along the coastline.  It’s too early in the season for thunderstorms with this, and no model shows low lifted indexes or high CAPE at that point.
Westerly flow next week will give us plenty of rainfall, but mild temps.  Definitely looks like wet March weather.  No risk of snow below 3000′ with this setup.  Enjoy the weekend and try to get outdoors while it’s dry…Mark