Snow Totals II

Okay, this may be the last of the season…you know the rules.

Snow accumulated on the ground only in this post…no weather discussion here, do that below.

1.  Depth
2.  Location
3.  Elevation if you know it

34 Responses to Snow Totals II

  1. Ben Monjay @ Oregon Coast on Vacation says:

    Finally found some WIFI!
    Was at Cape Lookout for the last three nights. Sunday night we had 3″ of pea size hail. Woke up this morning to about 1″ of wet snow.

  2. kirk says:


  3. Jesse says:

    1/2 inch, Orchards at 49th St and 112th Ave, 200 ft

  4. timmy says:

    trace, Scappoose, 50′
    1″, Scappoose, 400′

  5. Ryan (Da Couve) says:

    For the first time since this started I can report something here in Vancouver!
    Walnut Grove
    Approx. 390′

  6. Cherie_in_Vernonia says:

    687 ft
    4″-5″ depending on where you measure it
    31 degrees
    snowing hard

  7. kelly says:

    amboy wa 1800 feet 8″

  8. JoeLO says:

    1/2 inch LO 485ft.

  9. Christiana says:

    Trace at Baseline & 158th. 223 ft according to google earth.

  10. kirk says:

    3.5″ now… 7 miles north of Washougal… 1000ft

  11. Chris says:

    1-1.5 inches at 500 ft. in Cedar Mill/Forest Heights area. 2-3inches as you went up the hill to ~1,000 ft.
    Almost all is melted now.

  12. alex says:

    1/2 inch total this morning and noon at 400′

  13. Boring Larry says:

    trace, between Eagle Creek and Sandy, 560′

  14. wendy-silverlake says:

    1/2 inch this morning at 750 ft.

  15. Derek-West Gresham says:

    Had a trace in Troutdale, more on the way shortly.

  16. garron near washington square says:

    HAD, bout 1/2 ‘ near 300feet, now sunny, and melting fast

  17. Cherie_in_Vernonia says:

    687 ft
    temp 34
    snowing hard

  18. nate says:

    SQUAT!!!!! in Molalla

  19. TV Weather Producer says:

    In the heavy showers this morning, the snow depth was less than a 1/4 inch in Beaverton at 280′. Most of it has melted off and now just a trace of snow remains on the cold surfaces.

  20. T.A. says:

    2.5″ in Woodland @ 750′

  21. Tyler in Vancouver says:

    0.2″, Heights in Vancouver, 300′

  22. Char says:

    2 inches, Council Crest neighborhood
    Prettier than yesterday–stuck on everything!

  23. stuart says:

    1.75 inches 750 feet Chehalem Mt

  24. 2-3mm of snow – 501 ft SE Gresham

  25. kirk says:

    2.5″ 7 miles north of Washougal at 1000ft

  26. sam says:

    1/4″ to 1/2″ in newberg even on the roads and every where

  27. IceKeeg - Beaverton says:

    powder sugar trace so far, Central Beav, 200 feet

  28. yetanotherguy - cooper mt 325 ft says:

    Half an inch on cooper mountain, 325ft

  29. John Fairplay says:

    also what i would describe as a trace, slushy on roadway and driveway, but white and pretty on the car. east beaverton, 290 feet. 32.7 degrees.

  30. Doppler Dave (NE Portland) says:

    A light coating (trace amount) on grassy surfaces, cars, etc. NE Portland, 244 feet.

  31. tigard says:

    about a half an inch on everything on bull mtn tigard 600 ft. still got the second band on its way

  32. AKB-tigard says:

    a slushy trace on almost all surfaces except pavement. 250 feet in tigard

  33. john erickson says:

    O Oregon City (toward Beavercreek) 435 feet

  34. offroadjosh-aloha says:

    0 aloha 372ft

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