Cold & Wet, Or Snowy

February 20, 2007

Snapshot_27The humiliation in tonight’s 10pm show is now over so that’s good.  I refer to our attempts at Karaoke around 10:29pm.  But let’s move on…cold onshore flow continues this evening behind a strong cold front that moved inland this morning.  The strong westerly flow turns light southerly by this time tomorrow evening.  That’s not a good pattern for significant moisture in the Cascades and we usually only get light showers in the Valleys with this setup too.  The top of our tower at 1800′ is about 33 degrees at 11pm, so the snow level must be just below 2000′.  It should drop to close to 1000′ overnight, although showers will taper off too.  So tough to get snow much below 1500′.  A more organized system in the south or southwest flow  tomorrow night brings some steady precip back over us.  Once again snow may fall close to 1000′  at that point.  Just light showers again Thursday and Friday as we wait for several very wet and cold storms for Saturday-Monday.   ECMWF & GFS say the back side of these systems will be slightly colder than today’s airmass.  850mb. temps bottom out somewhere around -7 or -8 deg. Celsius.  IF moisture lines up just right, this could produce sticking snow below 1000′ in late February, but everything has to be just right.  There is no sign of cold/dry arctic air moving into the Northwest and interacting with the moisture to produce snow down to sea level.  I do notice that after Wednesday models to warm us up to more reasonable early March temperatures…Mark