Active Weather Returns

February 16, 2007

A brief break tonight through tomorrow, then it’s back to the wet stuff tomorrow evening through next week.  A large and cold upper-level trough will gradually approach the West Coast Monday and Tuesday and then move overhead Wednesday.  Looks like lowest snow levels on Wednesday will be below 2,000′, possibly as low as 1,000′ at some point between Wednesday AM and Thursday AM.   Then more westerly flow and troughs follow after that.  February is going to end colder and wetter than it began.  Of course we CAN still see snow in the last 10 days of February (remember last March?), but you have to get 850mb. temps down to -6 or preferably below.  500-1000mb thicknesses must get down to 522dm or less as well.  I DON’T see any cold arctic air or a windstorm setup in the next 7 days.  So I plan to pull the mulch off of my plants tomorrow during the very brief dry spell…Mark