Rain…At The Right Times

February 7, 2007

Snapshot_20Looks like a good setup for mainly nighttime rainfall continues the next 2 days.  A slightly stronger system moved through the region this evening, although rainfall totals were less than .25".  A big break since all mesoscale models show the next system moving up from the south tomorrow evening.  Rain probably won’t arrive until well after dark.  With increasing east wind once again by afternoon, skies should clear out nicely.  Speaking of east wind, I didn’t expect such a strong gradient overnight and this morning.  I see Corbett gusted to 62 mph briefly this morning.  More weak systems the next 5 days or so approach from the southwest, giving us spells of rain and clearing at times…such typical winter weather here isn’t it?   Have you heard about the big lake-effect snows back in New York and Western Pennsylvania?   62" in 4 days in Oswego, NY.  I’ll have video from that coming up at 11pm.  Reminds me of the time 39" fell in one day in Oregon.  It’s always surprising to me that it fell near sea-level, not in the Cascades.  However I did ski one day at Mt. Hood Meadows back in the mid 1990’s when 33" fell in one 24 hour period, so most likely somewhere in the Cascades more than 3 feet has fallen at some point in the past…Mark