Still looking slow…

February 6, 2007

Snapshot_18Here is a nice little comparison to the 1996 flood.  Sometimes in the winter viewers will write in and ask if we could have a "big flood" because of all that snow in the mountains.  Compare the lower elevations in the Coast Range this year with early February 1996.  What a difference eh?  Hard to believe that in 1996 around 10-15" of rain fell on top of all that snow and it was pretty much gone 5 days later!  That’s 25-30" of water during that period.  No wonder the flood was so massive and widespread.
I mention the flood because the only thing to do weatherwise tonight is reminisce about the glory days.  We just have weak weather systems moving through the region the next few days.  Timing is a big problem because an 8 hour break in the rain falling in the daytime can turn a rainy forecast to a partly cloudy day…uughhh!  This is the spring pattern that I hate, luckily it’s still winter and folks aren’t so desperate to get outside.  That’s all for tonight since I’m busy finishing up another project…Mark