Back at Work

February 5, 2007

Snapshot_17It’s a new week and apparently a new weather pattern.  First the warmth leftover from this weekend.  TImberline Lodge at 6000′ made it to 57 today, and as you can see to the right, some spots approached the 70 degree mark up there.  The airmass overhead cools the next few days, which loosens the inversion here in the valleys.   Too bad it isn’t March 5th…this same pattern would get us to or above 70 degrees just 4 weeks from now!  Winter will be losing it’s grip over the next few weeks.  But as I’ve mentioned lately, we could still get an arctic blast within the next 2 weeks (not likely looking at 10+ day maps) or snow within the next 4 weeks here in the lowest elevations.
Ridge gets beaten down the next few days by several waves moving up from the southwest.  These are weak systems compared to our stormy start to winter back in November/December.  In fact as I peruse the 5-15 day maps, nothing really sticks out as very stormy, snowy, or cold.  My gut feeling is that this "splitty" or ridgey pattern will continue, with rain at times, but no huge totals…Mark