Fog, Frost, & The Future.

Snapshot_9This is how it looks at 11pm as the dry offshore flow is giving way to developing fog in the south and western parts of the metro area this evening.  I expect all spots west of I-205 to see the dense fog by morning.  There is an area of stratus (low clouds) that has moved up the Columbia River to Kelso/Kalama, similar to summertime, but I don’t think it’ll make any further progress south towards the metro area.  Pretty slow weather continues the next 7-10 days with strong ridging over or near the West Coast.  GFS is pretty insistent on keeping a residual upper level low trapped near the NW coastline the next 3-5 days.  I hope it is wrong and the ECMWF is correct not having the low.  An upper-level low lingering nearby would complicate forecasting quite a bit = very bad!
By the way, it’s not a big secret since it showed up on Oregon Media Insiders website, but I’ve renewed my multi-million dollar contract here at…oh, wait, there’s nothing in there about a million dollars… Anyway, I’ve re-upped at KPTV for another 4 years by signing a new contract.  It’s a great place to work; I have bosses here who value quality weather information going out to our viewers and they keep us updated with the latest technology in the Portland television market.  The next 4 years will be very interesting for TV stations as more and more "content" goes out in other forms.  Podcasts, Internet, Cell Phones and of course we are only 2 years away from the end of analog broadcasts as HDTV takes over.  It should be a fun 4 years!  Mark

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  1. timmy - scappoose says:

    them ducks… ahhhh! what boring weather.

  2. Jeff says:

    A light N/NE wind beginning here in Vancouver.
    Temp 37, dp37

  3. garron near wasington square says:

    Hi all, just a breif nite-note…
    Looks like we’ll be chilling down abit next week with the clearing skies, east winds, and colder air spilling out of the arctic east of the cascades. That was a cool camera show on channel 12 tonight showing the fog spewing over the west foothills like tidewater today. I am looking forward to enjoying the sun all next week as i’m on vacation, and will anticipate some more snow threats as we transition out of this eventually. Highs next Thursday only predicted to be near 40 and lows near 25. Good night all…

  4. JoeLO says:

    I feel we have a shot at Arctic air until it actually slides east. As long as it builds to the North we have an “outside” chance at something fun.

  5. Sandi (Wilsonville) says:

    I think it’s been 36°F and foggy every time I looked today, including now. We did reach a high, briefly of 38°F. Very briefly. However, we went from dense fog all morning, to fog this afternoon, and back to dense fog this evening for a little variety, I guess.

  6. jacob BPA says:

    if Artic air is Eastern Oregon
    and you get the Gorge Winds With that
    To me that is as good as Arctic air in PDX LOL
    And As much as models have flip flopped Keep you eye peeeled

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