Fog, Frost, & The Future.

January 24, 2007

Snapshot_9This is how it looks at 11pm as the dry offshore flow is giving way to developing fog in the south and western parts of the metro area this evening.  I expect all spots west of I-205 to see the dense fog by morning.  There is an area of stratus (low clouds) that has moved up the Columbia River to Kelso/Kalama, similar to summertime, but I don’t think it’ll make any further progress south towards the metro area.  Pretty slow weather continues the next 7-10 days with strong ridging over or near the West Coast.  GFS is pretty insistent on keeping a residual upper level low trapped near the NW coastline the next 3-5 days.  I hope it is wrong and the ECMWF is correct not having the low.  An upper-level low lingering nearby would complicate forecasting quite a bit = very bad!
By the way, it’s not a big secret since it showed up on Oregon Media Insiders website, but I’ve renewed my multi-million dollar contract here at…oh, wait, there’s nothing in there about a million dollars… Anyway, I’ve re-upped at KPTV for another 4 years by signing a new contract.  It’s a great place to work; I have bosses here who value quality weather information going out to our viewers and they keep us updated with the latest technology in the Portland television market.  The next 4 years will be very interesting for TV stations as more and more "content" goes out in other forms.  Podcasts, Internet, Cell Phones and of course we are only 2 years away from the end of analog broadcasts as HDTV takes over.  It should be a fun 4 years!  Mark