Another Quiet Night

January 23, 2007

Snapshot_8Another busy night in the weather center…well, if that includes critical tasks like remaking the labels in the file cabinet, cleaning up area behind the wall, throwing out old weather maps etc…  Oh, the weather itself is REALLY slow.  Nice little inversion has developed trapping pollutants in the lowest 2000′ of the atmosphere.  One change this evening is that a weak easterly flow has developed through the Gorge.  It’s 2 millibars PDX-DLS at 10pm, if it exceeds 4 millibars that should be enough to get rid of most of the muck across the metro area by midday or so tomorrow.   00z MM5 brings precip inland with a dying system Thursday, our RPM model and 00z NAM does not.  I’m very thankful that it’s not 25-30 degrees the next 2 days.  No one cares too much if we get light rain Thursday, UNLESS it’s 32 degrees or under.
The long range pattern continues to show strong ridging over or near the West Coast through the first few days of February at least.  If it was 4 weeks from now, I’d say the chance for a (another) cold snap this season is over.  BUT, as we found out last February, we can still get an arctic blast through the 3rd week of next month.  It does appear that January 2007 is going to go down as a dry and cool month…Mark